About Us

SLX is a learning exchange platform that integrates the best of Swiss classroom based learning with an opportunity to interact with global markets through first hand travel. At SLX, we believe that lifelong learning is paramount. Therefore, we invest in a myriad of online-learning tools, collaborate with accredited lecturers with extensive industry experience, and cultivate an authentic experience into the archetype of conducting business internationally. With expansive networks to India, Brazil, China and South Africa, the world is truly your oyster with SLX.Throughout history, the world has benefitted greatly from ideas developed in different corners of the world that have gradually diffused from one place to another. On many occasions, ideas have taken root in places different from where they were born and have gone on to rewrite world history. In a hyper-connected world, this takes on an entirely new dimension, transforming traditional models of education in its wake. SLX believes in this transformative power of the exchange of people and ideas that drive global innovation. Transforming and accelerating this life long learning journey for learners of all ages is the core mission of SLX.