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Beim SLX-Lernen bringen wir Lernende und Lehrende zusammen und bieten ihnen einen Weg dazu
create a 360Ëš blended learning experience.

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“I never expected India to be such a welcoming country before I met the local people and shared their opinions and insights. People are so friendly. Now, coming out from my safe bubble in Switzerland, seeing this one other side of the world has made me think a lot.”


Student, UniFr

“Une très bonne expérience que ce voyage en Inde, les organisateurs étaient au top, le contact avec les conférenciers étaient impressionnant ! Et surtout toujours en train d'utiliser des articles de journaux ou autre qui sont en lien avec ce qui se passe dans le monde est pas juste en Suisse ou en Inde !"


Student, UniFR

"A program which helps you discover a fast moving, intricate, but nonetheless amazing business environment. Each course and workshop was chock-a-bloc full of key learnings, easily applicable in the daily business activities."


Alumnus UniFR; Senior Analyst, Nestlé

"The most valuable resource is people’s talent. And I better understand Hofstede’s cultural dimension theory, thanks to this bootcamp trip. I believe when the inputs are more social than individual, it gives more warmth and stability in business relations. Apart from that, I like the Indian approach to respect all cultures and religions."


Student, UniFr

“India’s opportunities are endless and the time is now. We came in contact with so many nice people (students, lecturers) that helped build bridges across the cultures.”


Alumnus UniFR, Head of Marketing & Strategic Alliances ProcessBee Tech, India