Introduction to Corporate social responsibility in India

Introduction to Corporate social responsibility in India

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Our online course on corporate social responsibility helps you understand the history, socio-economic aspects, as well as the critical role of CSR reports. Dive in to know how CSR can help attain the SDGs.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what CSR is and the importance of it 

  • History behind CSR and what role it can play in achieving SDG 2030 

  • CSR growth in India 

  • To know what CSR assessment is and what are major components 

  • A case study of Coca cola in India 

  • To know what relation between NGO and CSR is 

Course Description

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has now become a mainstream business practice. Today corporates closely involved in CSR are recognised worldwide through awards and adulations. Such recognitions give a good boost to the image of these companies as well. And in doing proper CSR, proper assessment and reporting becomes very important to monitor all activities. Many companies practicing CSR have noticed lot of benefits in terms of trust and economic benefits as well. But for proper execution of CSR activities, partners like NGOs are needed to execute the projects at ground level. While every country has a different way of reporting CSR, in India CSR is officially a law.  After making it a law, India has witnessed large amount of investments from the private sector for social good. All over the world CSR has created a huge impact. It is for this reason that many see CSR as the route through which NGOs, private sector, and governments can come together to fulfil SDG2030. 


Module 1:

Introduction to CSR in India

1:15 Hours

1.1:Emergence of CSR  0:15
1.2:History of CSR in India 0:15
1.3:CSR Assessments and reporting 0:15
1.4: Sustainable business case study (Coca Cola) 0:15
1.5:The Role of NGOs in Indian CSR 0:15


Himanshu Shukla


Himanshu Shukla


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