Indian Culture - What is Indian Art ?

Indian Culture - What is Indian Art ?

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This course allows you to begin your journey, step by step, to learn art appreciation through the lens of fashion, music, architecture & cinema. Indian art t creates tremendous diversity. Learn more. Enroll now.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn the types of art forms that have existed in India.  

  1. Learn various examples of the art forms and their origins.  

  1. Discover the value of the diversity of Indian art. 

Course Description

India is an ancient civilization with a large population. Many communities have created their own distinct forms of arts and crafts.  On landing in India for the first time, one may find it hard to make sense of the diversity. These introductory videos on Indian art attempt to break down complexities during your interactions with India and Indians. Appreciate the art around you in India! In these short introductions, see examples of Indian visual arts through its architecture, textiles, ornaments and paintings. Get glimpses of its performing arts in music and other artistic practices like dance, theatre and films. Literary, culinary arts and cinema. This course aims be a teaser. After watching this course, let us know what more you want to learn with us. 


Module 1:

Indian Culture - What is Indian Art ?

1:00 Hours

1.1:Indian Art and architecture - an introduction 0:15
1.2:Introduction to Indian art – music and dance 0:15
1.3:Introduction to Indian art – Indian Fashion 0:15
1.4:Introduction to Indian art – Cinema 0:15


Divya Badri


Mastering India

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