What is Hinduism: Is it a religion?

What is Hinduism: Is it a religion?

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This is a brief introduction to Hinduism. First time visitors to India will be able to understand the basics on this aspect of Indian culture. Learn More. Enroll Now.

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Hinduism has been viewed by many who live far away from India , in many different ways. The complexities and diversity of the Hindu religion remain mysterious to many. This series on Hinduism attempts to demystify Hinduism to its audience and understand its history , its texts, its tenets and its popularity using an animated video. In this video, Nitya Rajan questions whether Hinduism can be qualified as a religion or not. India is the land of rich culture. You can then learn more about India’s religions, traditions, arts and lifestyles.

Learning Objectives

What is the definition of the word religion?  

What are some Key Facts about Hinduism ?  

Where is Hinduism followed?  

What does the word Sanatana Dharma mean? 


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